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Welcome to Atlas Estate Sales. Certified with over 15 years of experience in liquidations of all types we can take the process of selling the contents of your home, garage, cars,boats, fine jewelry and everyday household items from original estate to an empty property.

Our full service estate sales will take you from start to finish without you having to lift a finger! We understand that the process of sorting through what can be years of accumulation can be an overwhelming and worrisome task. Let us take the burden off of you, as professional liquidators we have the experience of sorting through all the items in the estate and separating out personal documents, photographs and other items of a personal nature and returning them to you the client.

First and foremost, please don’t throw anything away except emptying the refrigerator and standard kitchen garbage. Please don’t feel the need to “ tidy up” as we are experienced professionals and have seen too many times people disposing of valuable items not realizing an items value.

We work with Real Estate professionals, probate lawyers, appraisers to evaluate and get the most we possibly can from the estate.

When you work with Atlas Estate Sales whether it’s an entire estate sale, moving sale, clean out or buyout you’re selecting a firm will make your sale efficient and profitable. Our marketing services ensure that we drive significant crowds to your sale in order to garner the maximum value for your estate. We treat your home and possessions with the utmost care and respect.

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Our Process

STEP 1- The Consultation

Call us at 727-685-7272 to set up a no obligation consultation. During the consultation we will tour your home and discuss the possibilities of an estate sale with you. Whether it is an estate/moving sale or a clean out we will make recommendations to make your sale a success.

We at Atlas Estate Sales understand that time restraints can be challenging. We will work diligently to work within time constraints. Home Owners Associations (HOAs) can be an obstacle to a traditional Estate Sale but Atlas Estate Sales has expedient and profitable solutions to help!

STEP 2- The Set Up

Approximately two weeks before the sale, we will begin what we refer to as the discovery phase. We empty out from all cabinets and other storage places and organize your home into a showroom.

We bring in tables, clothing racks, locking display cases, jewelry displays and anything else we feel will make your items display as well as possible.

STEP 3 – The Sale

After setting up the home we will conduct your sale over 2-3 days, depending on what is needed to sell the items within your home. Our professional sales staff knows how to get the most from your goods.

We will have sufficient staff throughout the home to make sure that the home is secure and every customer gets the help they need. Between our skilled sales staff in the extensive advertising your sale is sure to be a success.

STEP 4 – Clean Out

In the days following the sale are clean out crew will be there to empty the home of all the remaining items if you choose to select this option. All items that can be donated will be donated for you and you will be given a tax deduction slip for everything that is donated.

STEP 5 – The Results

Within 10 working days you will receive a check, a tax deduction slip if necessary and a completely empty home. There are no upfront costs. We provide the organizing staging, researching, pricing, advertising and staffing for the sale.